Thursday, February 12, 2009

Reviewing the Skin-Walker

Just recently, fellow creature-seeker and friend JC Johnson sent me a DVD copy of an excellent new documentary he has directed titled Navajo Skin-Walkers and Legends: Crypto Four Corners.

This is definitely one of those "Do Not Miss!" productions - and I urge one and all to click on the link above to learn more about the film, to contact JC, and to get all the information on the film, those who worked hard to bring it to life, and much more.

And with that said, let me tell you a bit more about JC's DVD.

Basically, it is a personal, on-the-road style study of the whole Skin-Walker phenomenon (and if you're not fully sure what that is, click right here) that dominates the so-called "Four Corners" area: Arizona, Colorado, Utah, and New Mexico.

Filled with fantastic imagery of some truly magical-looking scenery, and suitably atmospheric music to accompany it, Navajo Skin-Walkers is the type of film I enjoy watching a great deal.
Made by a dedicated team of investigators who have a deep passion for their subject matter, and who are willing to go the extra mile to find the answers, this is the sort of thing of which we need much, much more.

There's no doubt that when it comes to cryptozoology, the most important thing of all is the witness testimony. Without witnesses, we have nothing - absolutely zero. And, firmly recognizing this, JC and his team seek out a good and varied group of people to interview, and who are all willing to talk about their extraordinary experiences with Skin-Walkers.

Night-time encounters with paranormal entities prowling around their homes, banging on doors and windows, and generally scaring the you-know-what out of those with whom the Skin-Walkers have crossed paths, dominate the film.

And, you also get a very good indication of how the events in question have left a deep impression on those whose lives have been touched by the Skin-Walkers.

As JC's DVD makes abundantly clear, the Skin-Walkers are not mere out-of-place, misidentified animals. No.

We hear tales of animals walking on two-legs and then four; of bullets having no effect on the beasts; of witness Ivan's weird encounter with a clawed, Kangaroo-like beast; of giant 8-foot-tall entities; of glowing red eyes; and a great deal more, too.

For anyone already fascinated by the Skin-Walker phenomenon - and for those new to the subject, but who want to learn more - I strongly urge you to check out Navajo Skin Walkers and Legends: Crypto Four Corners.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Coming Soon - 11:11

Coming soon will be an in-depth review from me of Marie Jones' excellent new book (co-authored with Larry Flaxman): 11:11 - The Time Prompt Phenomenon, The Mysteries Behind Mysterious Signs, Sequences, And Synchronicities.