Friday, July 11, 2008

Joshua P. Warren: Seeker of Satan

Joshua P. Warren is a good friend of mine; he's a Fortean, an author, a film-maker, and a guy who likes to live life to the full and have fun - just like me!

And, right now, he has an excellent new documentary available titled Inside the Church of Satan.

Late last year, I was hanging out at Josh's sinister and dark abode in Asheville, North Carolina, and he quietly asked me if I would be willing to be interviewed for a new documentary he was filming.

Well, actually, I have to confess that Josh's abode isn't sinister and dark at all - I was just trying to set the tone. It's really very pleasant! But I digress.

It was around the witching hour, somewhat appropriately, when Josh told me that the film would be highly controversial in both subject matter and content, and if I didn't want to take part, he'd totally understand.

Well, I'm always up for a bit of controversy! And so I said: "Hell, yes!"

The "Hell" part of my reply to Josh was kind of ironic, as the subject matter of the documentary was to be The Church of Satan - the brainchild of the late Anton LaVey.

Of course, any mention of Satan and Satanic worship inevitably conjures up in the minds of many people stark images of human-sacrifice, dark and disturbing goings-on in sinister and shadowy woods by the light of a full moon, and much more, right?

But precisely how accurate is that imagery?

That, in essence, is the crux of Josh's documentary, which sees our intrepid hero invited into the heart of the Church as he seeks to separate myth from reality.

And Josh does so in a highly entertaining and skillful way, and in a film that is packed with intrigue, adventure, wit, menace and more. And it's full of surprises too: the biggest surprise being that the Church is not at all as it's portrayed by the media, or perceived by much of the general public.

I won't spoil things for those who want to see Josh's film for themselves (and, believe me, you definitely should see it!); but I will say that is without doubt one of the most fascinating on-the-road-style documentaries I have seen in a very long time. And at more than 2-hours in length, it's great value for money, too!

Josh is to be applauded for going where no-one (in the media) has gone before, and for providing a unique insight into a world that few people - outside of the Church itself, of course - have ever experienced.

Riveting, entertaining, excellently-produced and highly informative - and all in equal measures!

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