Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Go, Tim, Go!

Sometimes, and particularly at conferences for some reason, I'm asked: "Where can I get hold of old and hard-to-find books on UFOs?"

Well, that's a damned good question! Certainly, there are a number of companies that specialize in putting out new titles on all-things-alien and Fortean.

But when it comes to providing a service that offers the discerning UFO researcher access to either (A) long-out-of-print; or (B) difficult-to-locate titles, none does it better than long-time Ufological player, publisher, and observer of the scene, Timothy Green Beckley.

Tim has been flying the ufological flag for decades - having got into the subject as a kid, and pretty much met just about anyone and everyone in the subject who matters.

Not only that: Tim is at the forefront of publishing new editions of much-sought-after titles from the halcyon (in other words: long-gone) days of Ufology - such as George Adamski's Pioneers of Space (see the image above).

"POS" is an interesting title; in the sense that it's a sci-fi novel on the issue of alien contact that was written a few years before Adamski's own claimed encounters with long-haired ET's.

Is this evidence that Adamski's later claims of alien contact were merely fictionalized versions of the characters and situations portrayed in his earlier novel? God knows. But the fact that Tim has now published a new edition of the book means that you can try and answer that question yourself.

And that's what I like so much about Tim's publishing company: you'll find so many old titles (and new studies of old cases) that would otherwise remain firmly beyond our collective grasp.

For example, in recent months, Tim has published such titles as The Lost Journals of Nikola Tesla; Invisibility and Levitation; The Secret Life of Paul Villa; Teleportation; The Strange Universe of Harold T. Wilkins: UFOs Attack Earth; Inner Earth People, Outer Space People; Venusian Health Magic And Venusian Secret Science; Omnec Onec: Ambassador From Venus; Mysteries of Mount Shasta; and much more.

Are these titles controversial? Of course they are!

But Tim is to be applauded for bringing to the collective Fortean community a truly massive amount of titles - both reprints and new appraisals of old events and long-dead characters - that shed much light on the Golden years of Ufology.

If, like me, you're fascinated by (and perhaps even a little obsessed by) the long-gone days of 1950s and 1960s Ufology, offer your support to Tim.

You can contact him, buy his books, and obtain his catalog at: Global Communications, Box 753, New Brunswick, NJ 08903. You can get his free, weekly newsletter at http://www.conspiracyjournal.com/; and you can send Paypal orders to MrUFO8@hotmail.com

Disappointed, you most certainly will not be!

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