Monday, September 28, 2009

Giants on the Earth

Giants on the Earth is a new title published by Global Communications - the ever-busy brainchild of long-time player on the UFO scene, Timothy Green Beckley. And, if you're into tales, stories and data on giants of the distant past, and the not-so-distant past, too; then this is most definitely the book for you!

Biblical giants, the Nephilim, accounts of Goliath-like entities returning to the Holy Land and much more dominate the opening pages of the book. And, they are quickly followed up by intriguing accounts of over-sized aliens - such as the 10-foot-tall creature allegedly seen in Sagrada Famila, Brazil in August 1963. Of course, no mention of giant-sized aliens would be complete without a nod in the direction of the infamous Flatwoods Monster of that long-gone year of 1952. And, indeed, Tim treats us to the intriguing tale of the monstrous whatever-it-was.

Then, it's on to hulking flying monsters - such as the reported Thunderbirds and Pteradons that have been sighted throughout Papua, New Guinea; Mexico; South America; and the Texas-Mexico border area. For cryptozoologists, this section will be of great interest - not least for the cool artwork that accompanies this specific chapter, and the particularly-detailed attention given to the aforementioned Thunderbird sightings.

We're then treated to an indispensable series of chapters and sections that tell of historic encounters with giants in the United States, Britain, the Middle East, Australia and elsewhere.

The Book of Enoch, the Epic of Giglamesh, and much more all come into play in a new book that is required reading for those with a particular fascination for gigantic people, huge aliens, Godzilla-sized beasts of the sky, and much more!

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cryptidsrus said...

I love anything Nephilim. And I love Sheckley-"Mr. UFO." I have one of his books. The "Subterranean Worlds" one.
Definitely will be looking forward to the book.
Thanks for the book review, Nick.