Wednesday, August 11, 2010


There can be absolutely no doubt that, whereas a few years ago, the leading buzz-words within Ufology were Area 51 and Roswell, today it's Disclosure. That's right: the notion, idea or theory that certain governments around the world are gearing up to slowly acclimatize us to the idea that aliens are amongst us, before finally unleashing the undeniable proof to the world.

Indeed, one only has to take a look at the work of Steven Greer, Steve Bassett and others to see that there is a firm belief that Disclosure - whatever that may ultimately prove to be - is firmly on the way.

Until (or unless!) such a time comes, how can you find out more about Disclosure, what it means, the players in the story, its implications, and where things are at right now?

The answer to that question is a very simple one: you should definitely get hold of a copy of the brand-new book from Timothy Green Beckley (the man churns out books on such an extraordinarily fast basis that I'm convinced he never sleeps - something which suggests Tim may actually be some form of macabre creature of the night; but I digress!).

The book in question is Disclosure! Breaking Through the Barrier of Global UFO Secrecy, published by Global Communications. For those new to the issue of Disclosure, as well as for those who have been following the subject for years, this books makes for essential reading.

For your money, you not only get the book, but you also get a bonus CD that is full of all sorts of Disclosure-based interviews and goodies. As for the book itself: well, it's a dream for Disclosure enthusiasts everywhere.

There's (A) a wealth of material on the British Government's recently-surfaced UFO files; (B) a very eye-opening and informative interview with Steve Bassett (C) an excellent section on the decision of the Brazilian military to make publicly available its very own UFO files; (D) a section on how and why Denmark chose to release into the public domain its UFO documents - and, of course, there's a good analysis of those same files too; (E) a study of the UFO archives of the Australian Government; and (F) a wealth of interviews with numerous sources offering their views and opinions on Disclosure, including former British Ministry of Defense man Nick Pope; researcher Grant Cameron; UFO investigators, A.J. Gevaerd and Antonio Huneeus; and John Greenewald.

Coupled with good, solid data on the UFO files of the governments of Russia, Chile and elsewhere, Disclosure! is a first-class look at how and why government agencies - all around the world - are now declassifying their UFO files, as well as the various theories that have been offered to explain this sudden declassification and (to a degree, at least) open-door process.

Is UFO Disclosure really on its way? Is there an international program designed to prepare us for the alien truth, by feeding us tidbits of other-worldly data on a regular basis, and until we're finally ready to appreciate the big picture?

To learn the answers to these questions and many more, I would strongly urge you to check out this near-300-page book. If you're into Disclosure, it's essential reading.

To purchase a copy of Disclosure! Breaking Through the Barrier of Global UFO Secrecy, click on this link.

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