Monday, March 21, 2011

Haunted Skies: Vol II

Well, hot on the heels of Haunted Skies, The Encyclopedia of British UFOs: Volume I, 1940-1959 (which I reviewed at this blog in January), comes Volume II! As was the case with the first volume in this ongoing series, authors John Hanson and Dawn Holloway have done an excellent job of providing the reader with a truly massive (and I do mean MASSIVE) amount of data - much never, ever before seen - on the high-strangeness that was afoot in the skies of Britain from the early-to-mid 1960s.

This is definitive, classic Ufology - complete with accounts of UFO-landings, flying saucers hovering over sensitive installations, weird creatures roaming around, alien encounters, links between UFOs and ancient, historical sites, and much more.

The thing that most impressed me about Volume II of this series is precisely what impressed me about Volume 1. Instead of simply regurgitating what had already been written about with respect to this long-gone era of Ufology, the authors have gone out into the field, chased down old cases and provided significant new data on those same cases, uncovered a startling number of new reports, and in doing so have given us a new appreciation and insight into this long-gone ere of Ufology.

Crop-Circles, huge cigar-shaped craft, vehicle-interference cases, pilot encounters, Mothman-style entities, the Alex Birch photo controversy, and strange craft skulking around the skies by the dead of night, are just some of the many and varied treats you will find within the packed-pages of Haunted Skies, Vol. II.

There's no doubt that John and Dawn are well on their way to providing us with the definitive, multi-volume history of British Ufology. Roll on Vol. III! Here's the link to the book, which you will not want to miss!

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