Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Chase Masterson - On CD

Last summer, I spent five days in the town of Roswell, New Mexico. The reason, of course, was to lecture at the annual Roswell UFO Festival that is held every year to celebrate the famous (or perhaps infamous would be a better term!) "UFO crash" of the summer of 1947.

And considering that it was the 60th anniversary of the incident, the town was absolutely packed with visitors, all curious to learn about what really happened deep in the deserts of Roswell on that fateful day.

But it wasn't just members of the public and UFO researchers who were in town. Also on the bill at the Festival were Chase Masterson, of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Dean Haglund from The X-Files.

I was fortunate enough to have dinner and lunch with Chase over the course of the weekend (and, yes, I can say she is as hot in person as she is on screen), and learned that as well as being an accomplished actress, Chase had also recorded two CDs of music. Moreover, I was delighted when she gave me copies of the CDs to review.

The review in question originally appeared on a site that appears to have vanished into complete and utter oblivion, and whose name I will therefore avoid mentioning. However, as this blog is run entirely by me, I figured why not re-post the review here, for all to see? So here it is!


Ad Astra! and Thrill of the Chase are two CDs from Chase Masterson, star of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and numerous sci-fi movies. You might be forgiven for thinking that Chase's musical output would mirror her on-screen persona and be filled with songs of other-worldly encounters, aliens, far-off worlds, UFOs and more. However, you would be very wrong.

Collectively, both of Chase's CDs are an eclectic mix of sultry jazz and blues, and with a sprinkling of Broadway inserted for good measure. Comparisons with Billie Holiday are both justified and accurate as Chase purrs her way through classic tunes penned by the likes of Gershwin, Berlin and Sondheim.

Very much evoking that long-gone era when Sinatra's Rat-Pack ruled, and when cool-looking characters prowled the cocktail bars and hotels of Vegas, this is definitely late-night music best listened to with a chilled drink in-hand, the lights down low, and a hot babe on your arm.

Chase has a strong voice, yet one that does not overpower the musical background, and provides the listener with, collectively, 16 songs that will take you back to times past, but that sound refreshingly modern too.

To learn more about Chase's music, click right here.


Raven's Mysterious Haven said...

I will definitely be checking out her stuff!...er by "stuff" I of course mean her MUSIC.
Well,ok,lets be honest. Shes gorgeous. Im checking out more than her music! ; )

Great post Nick!

Kate Fisher said...

I'm guessing that your positive review means you suspended your hatred of jazz temporarily?:)


Nick Redfern said...

LOLOL, I guess!