Monday, August 11, 2008

Hunt the Dogman

I received in the mail last week a copy of an excellent DVD titled Hunt the Dogman: The Director's Cut from friend, author of the book Mysterious Kentucky, and fellow seeker-of-the-strange, Bart Nunnelly.

Bart's film (made by Grendel Films) is an excellent one, and as you will guess from its title, is a study of a diabolical beast that roams the woods of Kentucky.

The Dogman is one of Bart's particular interests, and we follow him on his quest for the truth of the creature as he seeks out interviewees (including various eye-witnesses and author Linda Godfrey), undertakes on-site investigations, and takes us on a road-trip into the unknown.

The film is packed with data, testimony and more that will be of interest to fans everywhere of cryptozoology, werewolves and strange beasts. Bart's story is very much a personal one (his mother discusses her own encounter on-screen), and one filled with enthusiasm, a passion for the subject matter, and some stunning revelations on the Dogman, the Beast of the Land Between the Lakes, and the Spottsville Monster.

Copies of Hunt the Dogman can be purchased at the link above.

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